what inspires me?

Inspiration Avenue is all about inspiration this week.  I've been on vacation so missed out on a couple weeks but they're offering giveaways and all sorts of goodies in celebration of 3 years of blogging.  So go visit.  And, check out where people find their inspiration.

So, my photography is the first thing that came to mind.  I love taking photos and stretching my ability and vision with a camera.

Using the photos, I've come to love creating various digital art projects - everything from a photo manipulated with textures and maybe a quote to bookmarks and calendars.

A street in Ronda, Spain followed by a digital manipulation, then by a watercolor.

Add some textures & a quote:

 I also fall back on my photos for inspiration in my watercolor painting and might combine elements from three or four pictures into one painting.

Lake Tahoe, followed by my attempt to paint it....

This watercolor was my first effort at using masking fluid for the white bare tree.  As usual, some things I like about the effort, others seem quite amatuerish......but I'm learning.

I pull inspiration from the internet ALL the time.  Sometimes I think I spend too much time seeing what all you other talented folks are doing that I don't create enough of my own :)  I've found that participating in various challenges and prompts keeps me moving, keeps me trying new techniques and the fact that I can share my efforts online to such a supportive community is immensely helpful.  Otherwise some of the pieces never see the light of day.....

For example, I took up art journaling this summer due to Twinkle Twinkle's daily prompts.

I enjoy learning and sharing with Kat and her Exploring with a Camera series; when I can, I share at Paint Party Friday, etc.  Just check out my challenges page at the top and you'll see the great places I find inspiration.  And of course, it goes without saying that Inspiration Avenue is a great place to find creative types sharing in all sorts of mediums.  Where does your muse hang out?